L09 City Apartments

Seven exclusive residential units, each with a size of 134 – 465 m2 and a commercial area of approx. 150 m2 on the ground floor, have been created in the heart of Düsseldorf’s city centre at Alexanderstraße 30-32. In order to give the building complex a homogeneous design concept, a fourth and fifth floor and an attic floor were added to building number 30. The spacious oriels towards Alexanderstraße provide an interesting interior design as well as a structured, modern façade appearance on the outside.

LocationDüsseldorf city centre
Type of projectreconstruction and modernisation
Type of usecommercial and residential
Total investmentapprox. USD 6.3 million
Asset valueapprox. USD 7.7 million
Term/durationapprox. 18 months
Interest rate5.25%/a
Usable area7
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